How does this song make you feel?

My last assignment bank writing assignment for this week was worth 1 and 1/2 stars and it was called How does a song make you feel?

“Choose a song that elects a certain feeling within you. Copy the youtube/soundcloud URL to a Twitter post, and tell us what feelings this song brings you. Does it make you happy? sad? pumped? seductive? strong? let us know your feelings while listening to the song! You can add things such ” at :23 seconds, the hook dropped and it made me want to flail my arms around and scream”. Have fun with this!!”

Here is my tweet:

I love the idea of this assignment, but executing the goal of it in only a 140 character tweet was a little impractical, so I will add some of those thoughts here in this blog post instead!

The song I chose was “Sixteen” a song off Thomas Rhett’s new album called Life Changes. I chose this song first because it is one of my new favorites. Secondly, I love this song’s lyrics. It just reminds me how quickly life can pass you by when you are wishing to be older and wishing for the future. I think we all have a tendency to wish away some of the precious moments in life because we are so excited for the future. This song is a little reminder to take your time living life in the moment. I highly recommend this song to anyone who needs a reminder of treasuring life’s precious moments.