My Character

Out of all the Western characters, I chose the Indian Maiden as the one I wanted to focus on.

Her name is Jacali, and she is a Native American from the Western Apache tribe. Her tribe resides in Arizona, and speaks the native Apache language but she can speak and understand a little English. Jacali cooks and takes care of her two children she has with her husband, Elan. She gets her ingredients for her cooking by gathering seeds, nuts and fruit while her husband hunted animals like buffalo and deer.

She is the daughter of her father Tarak, who is also the Chief of their Apache tribe. Although she is married to her wealthy husband, Elan, she does not love him because he is not kind to her. She is falling in love with a white man named John Smith, who would do anything for Jacali and hopes to win her love and eventually join her tribe.

I did some research on Western Apache names, and chose her name from the website here, . I also looked up a little bit about Apache culture, from this website .