Alter Ego Instagram

My second project from the digital story telling assignment bank was from the Web Assignments category. I chose to Create Finsta Instagram. 

I decided to take the opportunity to do a very open ended and creative assignment to really involve the super hero theme of our class. I first created a new Instagram just for my alter ego, creating it all in the name of the Green Lantern. I went with the Green Lantern for my super Instagram since his quote really inspired me and is actually the tagline for my blog. Once my new account was set up with Instagram I then customized the biography to inject some personality into this social media platform.

Next, I began searching for some material for my Finsta (Fake Instagram). I posted five different images with captions that remained personal and light hearted, just like my real Instagram account.

After my whole page was set up with account information, a biography, and images I decided to take it one step further and follow some of my friends! I went ahead and followed five of my closest and oldest pals including, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Spiderman. Now that I am Instagram official, and connected to all my pals I can not wait to keep posting my Selfie Sunday pictures! Follow me @greenlantern106, an overview of my page and a link is below!

My Finsta