It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Little Brain!

The next visual assignment I worked on this week was worth four stars and was called It’s a bird it’s a plane. I thought this was such an interesting assignment because there are so many photos of famous myths. It is crazy how one blurry picture can keep a myth alive. This project I decided to take a photo of something that might just be the famous sidekick Little Brain. For this assignment I had my friend Tyler get all dressed up in a costume that is similar to little brain’s lab coat which was really just my Hollister button down shirt. Then I had Tyler put on my roommates eye glasses to match Little Brain’s glasses. Lastly since Tyler is 6’4 I had him kneel for the picture so he would be closer to Little Brain’s height (which is 5’6). Then to make it a blurry myth like shot I had him peeking out of a door way down an unlit hallway. To make the image blurry I decided to first record a video of him doing the motion of poking his head out, then screen-shotted an image from there so it was extra un clear. My final image of the famous Little Brain being caught on camera for the first time ever!