No Talking

For this assignment, for 4 and 1/2 stars, I created a story with no dialogue. I thought of it when I was getting out of bed and I was like I really don’t wanna leave to go to class, so I thought, hell, this is going to be my story. I filmed all the way from waking up, to walking to class, while I was in class, when I left class, and I couldn’t film myself back in my bed cause I had to make this, so I pretended the couch in jepson was my destination. When I really thought about it, the couch was the same thing cause i’ve slept on the jepson couch plenty of times.

I filmed with my iPhone again, and used IMovie to edit it all together. Also, I downloaded the song of of and put it all the way through the clip. I picked Be Together by Major Lazer because all I wanted to do was be together with my bed!!

I then uploaded the final product to youtube: