Read/Watch Reflect!

For this assignment I decided to take the second option, I chose to look at a few of  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s articles. I chose this because it is personally easier from me to look at specific examples, and each of these examples focusing on a specific design choice.

This first article I read was Strip Panel Naked: Negative Space in ‘Jessica Jones’ . This article talked about how in the Jessica Jones comics the writer/designer used the natural rule that people read left to right to create a pause and a dead space. They accomplished this by using a two page spread and putting blank white space to the right page as a brief pause. This acts to force the reader to acknowledge the moment. I never thought about the using common rules like reading left to right as a way to design a layout. Also the idea that nothing, blank space is not nothing but a distinct choice.

The next article I looked at was Strip Panel Naked: ‘Unstoppable Wasp’ And Dealing With Complicated Layouts .  I really liked this article, and the specific design choice it focused on. It focused on an abstract comic layout design. Instead of a classic linear style of design the comic sections occurred within a shape, the shape of ant-man’s helmet. This choice was really cool because the story it was telling was about a past memory, or a flashback. The look of the page brings out the idea that is is a different feeling and moment then the previous pages, and that flows with the idea of what the page is telling a story of because it is a flashback. This was my favorite page layout and design choice by far.

The last article I read was probably the least “ah ha” moment for me, but I still agree with all the points beginning addressed. The last article I read was Strip Panel Naked: The Considered Approach of Tamaki & Leon’s ‘Hulk’. This article brought in the idea that when you make a choice about a layout for a page design it needs to used only when applicable, not always or for every page. This is important because the distinct choices are only significant and distinct if they are used in specific instances for a reason.

These articles really helped put in perspective how much thought and effort goes into even the layout for comics. Every choice is made based on purpose. Just like in a poem every word matters, in a comic, every page style, layout, and design is for a reason.