Welcome to the internet, enjoy the show.

” The internet is a theater of sorts, a theater of performed   identities (Nakumara).”


No matter what site you sign on to, you’ll  be surrounded by people who aren’t who they say they are, people who exaggerate their personalities, and those who try to block out everything they don’t like about themselves. So does this mean that the internet is full of actors who take on false personas? Or does the internet provide a means to express the part of yourself which you would never reveal in public?

Sit back, and enjoy the show. 

  Of all the readings for today, this line really stuck out to me because I have heard people say that life is a theater, which is something I certainly agree with at times.  This idea could be quite controversial. Some may argue that the reason people do such crazy things online is because of the sense of anonymity which allows them to act in whatever way the choose. However, one could also argue that internet users are not acting. There’s the psychological theory that we are unable to be someone that were not, and this would definitely  carry over to how we present ourselves on the internet. Many people believe that these false personas are not just created from nothing, but are actually parts of our identity that we repress in order to meet societal standards. So rather than the internet being full of actors, we can assume that it is full of people who are revealing the innermost parts of their identity.

For example, someone who is all for equality and is a truly kind person, is not likely to go on an anonymous site and promote racism. Its more likely that they will go online and try to defend their views and. This person would even express their views more freely, thanks to the added element of anonymity.

In conclusion, I do not believe that the internet is full of actors. Instead, i think it is full of people who use anonymous site to their advantage, to highlight their hidden desire and persona.

Although the internet may not be full of actors, it certainly is entertaining… so welcome to the theater internet, enjoy the show