Welcoming Refugees

As an immigrant, I understand the issues of adapting to a new country and finding a new place to stay. The concept is slightly different in the eyes of a refugee for they were force to flee their home country in order to escape war but there is still a struggle of adapting and feeling welcomed there. I read two articles the topic; one talking about a Canadian passports among refugees and Welcoming refugees in Barcelona. Based on the article, Canada doesn’t give passport to refugees. An Iranian-Canadian man talks about a family (refugees) he knows that came to Canada with a promise that they will protected by the law and will   but when they finally arrived, they were not given a passport to become citizens. Because a Canadian passport is easily accepted in many countries, they are very strict to whom they give them to because of the fear they won’t stay in Canada to reside but to go to different countries. However, Barcelona views welcoming refugees in a different, in a more supportive way. There was a shipwreck on August 28 on the coast of the Mediterranean. Ada Colau, the Mayor of Barcelona, posts a status on Facebook concerning the incident and states, “Even if this is an issue of state and European jurisdiction, from Barcelona we will do as much as we can to participate in a network of refuge-cities. We want cities built on human rights and life—cities we can be proud of.” Then, she goes on about a real-world plan to help those in need that instantly viral very quickly. These two places take these two similar issues very differently and even though Canada could be very helpful, Barcelona is more willing to help.

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