So wow, I haven’t made much progress on the radio show yet. I’ve been doing other papers and lab reports all week, and today is the only day I’m free to get this all done, and even today’s plan to do this all throughout the day at a normal time for people to be up was squashed because of classes, a meeting, and then I took a coworkers shift that couldn’t come in, so while I was at work I was thinking of how sucky it’s gonna be to do all this when I get off at 10:00pm. Oh well! Imma get it done and it’ll be great! So far my group members seem to have done most of their parts already, so I feel bad that they’re waiting on me. Everyone seems really awesome and they all have great ideas, and I cant wait to actually do this little radio show and see how it comes together.

Weekly Summary

This week was so different than all the other weeks so far, but in a great way! I really loved the more interactive nature of this week and the upcoming week.

To start this week I completed all my daily creates and made a blog post about my work and my process!

Daily Creates- Week #7

Then I was not yet in a radio show group, but wanted to start my progress for the 10 star audio assignment bank projects so I worked on a random audio assignment for practice/fun! It was worth 4 1/2 stars! Here is my blog post and process steps about it!

Modify a Song without any new noises!

Then I got saw Ashleigh and Alaina looking for another group member on twitter and bam, awesome group in the making! Once we got all four of our group members we got rolling on working right away! So I worked on my radio show progress week 1 blog post!

Radio Show Progress

Since I finally got in a group, I started using some of my audio stars to help progress our radio show! First I worked on a new radio bumper that was specific to our show name and theme! Here is my post about that process!

Radio Bumper for Distress Signal!

Then I took a break from the audio assignments and completed some of the design elements that this week included! I created a promotional poster and a promotional sticker for our radio show! I really really loved how these two came out!

Distress Signal Design Project

Lastly I finished my audio assignment stars for the week by creating a commercial for our radio show!

Distress Signal Radio Commercial

Then lastly some of the commenting from this week !!!

You’re Listening to Distress Signal

Weekly Summary 7

Sweet n Sour Promo Poster

Promotional Poster


Radio Show Progress

This week we started our very first group project, a radio show! I was pretty nervous last Friday when I saw that we would have to be collaborating and completing group assignments this upcoming week, because hello completely online class!! But, I went on Twitter and saw the Ashleigh and Alaina were tweeting out looking for another group member! So I dm’ed Ashleigh and found myself a group! Then Ana got added in and we were set! 

We have made some pretty great progress so far! We have been communicating a ton through email discussing and bouncing ideas off one another, and then we also have a wonderfully organized google doc thanks to Ashleigh. We have a basic format/layout for how our future radio show will play out, all the necessary components of the show listed, and a chart for us to pick what part of the radio show we would like to work on! We also shared our doc with Professor Bond for some added feedback! This google doc has been awesome for laying out general thoughts and ideas, and turning them into a plan for all of us to contribute to! We are still in the process of completing all the week one tasks, but we are set up for success nicely!

For an assignment/group project that I was extremely apprehensive about I am pretty excited to see what our group comes up with! Distress Symbol Radio will be right back with some awesome content, stay tuned!!