Superhero radio show

So, I listened to my own group’s show and the show right after it that came on at about 9pm on Tuesday night. So far, its really good! I really wanted that superhero juice! I do really enjoy superheros so it was a good show to listen to for me. I enjoyed the batman talks, and the commenting of his upbringing and how he started to get so popular. Also The dark night is my favorite batman movie too mostly because of the joker though. Most/all the batman movies are really worth watching because of the joker. SPECIFICALLY Heath Ledger! If you don’t love him then get out!

I also really liked the steak spray add hahaha! I’ll definitely get the double pack if a zombie apocalypse happens!

There was part of the show where the music was way louder than the speaker, so that is a little critique, but that’s just a small fix. And there was another commercial it seemed like that the background sound was louder than the actual speaker.

I liked the ending of the segment of this one specifically too with the robot woman’s voice and then the static.

Overall great job everyone!

Review of Radio Show!

So today Tuesday October 24th I tuned into ds106 radio and listened to all the phenomenal radio shows this class produced!!! It was sooo cool to have our project finally shared live for everyone to hear, and I really appreciate all the comments and live tweet feedback it was incredible! Along with listening to my own radio show I listened to three others! For my review I decided to talk about 30 Minutes with Hannah Woehrle. I decided to do this one simply because it was the first show I got to fully listen to, so it was fresh in my mind with no other comparisons!

This show was awesome! It followed a similar plan as our show with the interview and game aspects! I think that is a great outline for a radio show because it helps people stay excited about the show. I loved how the interview was clear and to the point with a question and an answer, no fuss! It keeps the listeners interested and active in the show! My only critique would be to maybe shorten the gap between the question and the answer clips for a more realistic feel, but in reality there could a lag in radio call in conversations too, so really not a big issue at all!! There was also a phenomenal use of commercials during this radio show. It broke up content really well, and the commercials were quite entertaining as well!  I also really really loved the game that took place during this show! It was fun and challenged at the same time. I stunk at guessing, but I also could not stop guessing! I also never even thought to incorporate a hashtag for the games used in radio shows! That was such a creative idea to get listeners actively involved and talking! Great use/incorporation of social media into the radio show!

Great show guys!!!

Radio Listen

I’m listening to Turning Tumbleweeds on DS106 radio.

The first segment of this show is difficult to distinguish between the two womens voices that the creator is putting on. However with her two characters conversation, she did make me want to find out who killed Johnny! When the next voice comes on, the volume is a little too low for me to hear at the beginning, especially for the mans voice. This gets better though as both the female and male characters move closer to the mike to talk. The transition after was clear and short, really good.

The next segment is two girls talking about how they can’t believe Jonny died. This scene is done really well, it flows really easy. At this point I still have no idea who killed Johnny! The next character, Danny’s voice, is a little low and I can’t really hear the piano in the background, but it was a great idea to have live music playing in the background, as I believe that is! I feel like two-shot Harry might be the murderer! This monologue about Harry is very good, a nice long interesting bit of information.

Theres no real transition next, but now we’re talking to someone named Cali. The voices in this segment sound similar to me, and it’s a bit hard to follow. So now we’ve found out Johnny has an evil twin whose trying to kill him?? This is so dramatic!

The next transition was good! The commercial about milk was good, and I really liked the commercial about the burgers! The music in the background was really well done. A couple more radio bumpers go by.

Woodrow and Nash are being looked for now. All of a sudden Harry’s lady friend named Belle is the culprit whose arrested? They arrested Belle, and now don’t suspect Johnnys evil twin. The radio bumper with two girls was good! The show ends abruptly.

Can’t believe it’s already over! It was really great. Good murder mystery from 7 different points of view. The listening experience was really good, the story was good, the only parts I would advise to work on would be the volume of each recording being matched up together, and not having one too low to hear. I especially liked the sound affects (dogs barking, sounds of a bar, and the piano) during each of the segments, they  made the show unique.