Lets get bumpin!

The radio bumper I created was after I listened to the station for a few hours. I couldn’t really get a theme, but I was vague in my welcome. Also, is this a Christian┬ástation?

The radio show is cool, and the guy doing it seems pretty nice. It’s very random, and I really wonder if he has a script, or if it’s all just random stuff off the top of his head. This was also on one of the audio assignments for four stars.

Radio Bumper for Distress Signal!

So in preparation for our radio show I decided to use some of the audio assignment stars this week to create another radio bumper, but this time one that relates specifically to our groups show! The radio bumper audio assignment is worth 4 stars! Our radio show is going to be called Distress Symbol Radio/Podcast. With the help of my group members we came up with a few different versions of radio bumpers. That way they would be different and interesting, but follow a similar style so there was some continuity throughout our show! To create this new bumper I played some lyric free superman music in the background while I read my script. I recorded this bumper using the voice memo app on my iPhone and then uploaded it to SoundCloud! Hope you all enjoy, and look forward to hearing this bumper in our radio show next week!!


Super Radio Bumper

This week we were assigned to create a radio bumper. Although I hate these because they are the sign that the music has stopped for a while and I have to listen to ads it was pretty funny and fun to come up with my own idea for one! For this assignment I recorded myself with some super background music that I downloaded from iTunes to my computer. One I recored myself using the iPhone voice memos app I uploaded my file to Soundcloud and made sure to allow downloads! Enjoy my radio bumper!