Neuromancer Response

Explaining Neuromancer

In this project, my Archaeology group decided to explain Neuromancer using emoji’s that are used in iMessage on an apple device. Since only myself and Ashleigh had an apple device, we were the ones who sent iMessages or “texts” back and forward to one another, which we used as the platform for explaining the plot of this novel. The link embedded above shows Ashleigh’s post that she used to submit our project to the #generaldiscussion channel.

We thought it would be a challenge (which it was) and interesting to try and explain Neuromancer through emoji’s. We anticipated that it would be fun because of how many emoji’s there are to choose from, and while it was fun, it was also really challenging. Trying to find certain emoji’s to explain the complex events that happen in Neuromancer was difficult because there wasn’t always a certain emoji available for what we wanted to represent (like finding an emoji to represent Artificial Intelligence). Although this was a demanding task, I believe that it was worth it because it gives people the unique opportunity to understand the concept of Neuromancer through emoji’s or little symbols.

Our explanation of Neuromancer by using emoji’s gives a fresh perspective on the plot of the novel. The emojis’s show little pictures that represent objects/events that happen in the story, showing how our project is similar to that of a picture book. With the help of the emoji’s used to represent key events in the plot, the reader can create mental images of the story in their head. This helps the reader/viewer of our project visualize the plot line of Neuromancer.