Solenya’s Design Cloud

For this assignment, I created a word cloud from which is a free generator site. This assignment is 2 stars. I tried making a few of them, and couldn’t figure out how to keep adding words to an already made word cloud, so when I started over for the third time, I didn’t try very hard because like 50 of my words I’ve already typed twice disappeared. The symbol I made was a castle because Solenya is a wizard, and I think a castle is a good indicator for a wizard.

Word Cloud- Little Brain Themed

The next design bank assignment I completed was the Word Cloud assignment, it was worth 4 stars. I decided to make my theme for this word cloud Little Brain. I incorporated some words that describe his powers and life.

Brian Smalls

To complete this assignment I used! I have used this program in high school and find it extremely easy to use and has great results! I inputted all the words that I felt gave a good basic idea of Little Brain. Then I chose colors. Little Brain is a humble guy and so I decided to choose a color scheme that displayed that idea. Then none of the shapes that were offered were that applicable to Little Brain, so I picked one that was subtle. Overall I really liked this assignment. Wordclouds are such a fun way to put an idea or theme into a design while still using words! It is such a fun and cool concept! Little Brain edition.