Daily Creates Week 9

Theses are my three daily creates for this week:

I did this with a quote I found that inspired me to do a daily create! I used a picture of a blank note book I found on creative commons and added inspiring font.

It took me a while to a face in some objects in my apartment, but I did! I think the suction cups of this sponge holder look like eyes, and the pink sponge looks like an open mouth!

Although I knew I probably shouldn’t make it political, I had to do this daily create using Donald Trump. The prompt was: bury something you find undesirable; which I do find Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. May it rest in peace.


Daily Creates Week 8

Since we only had to do two daily creates this week, I did the two I found I could manage earliest in the week of week 8.

We were assigned to write a story in one tweet, so I decided to incorporate some imagery and focus mainly on the setting and visual points of the story. However, if you read the entire tweet, I tried to convey the message that Jim was looking over at his shoulder, perhaps at something he left behind or some decision he had made, and felt at peace with it by admiring the setting sun. I then blatantly state that Jim or “He” made the right choice.

I really enjoyed writing a story in only 140 characters. This daily create challenged us to be creative and to choose our words wisely to convey an actual story, not just a bunch of words that don’t have any meaning. This took me about five minutes to do and I would recommend it as a daily create again!

The next daily create I had to do was to use a Farm / Ranch Name Generator to find a name for my establishment that I thought was interesting, and create a poster or a sign for it.

I clicked on the Farm / Ranch Name Generator several times before finding one that I really liked, which was “Desert Fox Estate”. This name stood out to me because I love foxes, and the idea of a “Desert Fox Estate” just sounded peculiar, and made me want to visit the Estate if it were a real ranch.

I went to creativecommons.org and used a photo that was able to be edited and used for commercial purposes, just to be safe. I chose a picture of a few cute Desert foxes, that I believe are Fennec Foxes, and edited the photo by increasing the contrast, brightness, and saturation. I added the title of the ranch at the top of the poster, and made the color a dark orange to compliment the orange tint of the foxes and the entire photograph. I chose a font I thought was pretty and underlined it to try and draw attention to the name.

I enjoyed this daily create more than a lot of the others we have done. I thought gave us creative freedom to choose a name from multiple lists, and take that one name and make a poster out of it. There could be endless poster design possibilities for one particular name, and I enjoyed that aspect. All in all, this took me about fifteen minutes to create because I couldn’t decide which picture of the foxes to use :)