Solenya, Full of Tragedy

My character is, Solenya, a wizard that is a 165 year old drug officiant. He has lived a long life, but still has the heart of a one hundred year old wizard in his prime. Solenya dabbles in brewing potions, he steals from the apothecary in order to replenish his own stash, but he is also good. He spends one day a week tutoring his nephew Tade. He is half crazy already, but there are moments of clarity long enough everyday for him to successfully walk away from certain death. He is about 5’4, but on a good day, 5’6 with shoulder length wavy, very soft, grey hair, and a beard half his height, because the longer, the greater the wisdom.

Solenya grew up in a tavern in the woods with his alcoholic mother who was a witch, a great witch in her prime. His father left in order to fight for the king when he was a baby, but never came home. He grew up with a talking horse that took him on daily adventures to get away from the tavern life. Solenya left the tavern when he found a lass two forests over, but in his beginning stages of potion making, he accidentally turned his lass into a cloud. After that tragedy, Solenya kinda lost it, and here we are.