The sounds in stories

Sound drives stories by creating even more imagery in someone’s mind that words may not do. Sounds help create scenes, and gives more of a 3-D sense to a story. In the video, how radio creates empathy Jab talks about how a radio host puts images into a listeners heads. Those random sounds that pop up after something funny is said, or of an applause, or little things like that, that makes the listener pay more attention on what they’re talking about. In the video storytelling magic Jab also talked about a dream state the story teller puts people in. All the layers of sounds and audios, create so much more of a story. The sounds create the moods the authors or the storytellers want to be felt. If it’s birds chirping and an ocean breeze, then the mood will be tranquil.

In the soundcloud “Moon Grafiti”, The author created a story, but the sounds that were embedded in the background really made it believable. I believe if the audio wasn’t there then it wouldn’t be as interesting to listen to. With what Jab said in storytelling magic, the audio creates a landscape, and with the audio in Moon Grafiti, you know that they are really on the moon!!!

Moon Graffiti

I have never really just listened to a story so this was a very new experience for me. I guess I have never really thought about how important sounds are to driving movies and shows forward.

In the beginning of this podcast all the sounds; the eery music that begins the podcast, the beeps and buzzes of the radio conversation, the tenseness in the mens voice, the crashing sound, and finally the somber tone in Nixon’s almost speech. All of these sound effects and different pieces caused me to be emotionally attached to what is happening in the podcast. It also places a mood for the story they are about to tell.

This beginning with all the sound effects of the technology related to space travel, along with the confusion and tension in the men’s voices gets the reader in the right mind set for the story thats about to be told.

The story’s beginning told by the sound effects also puts us into a new reality. Although we know they did not crash listening to this pod cast puts you into a reality where they did crash, all because of the sounds we are hearing. The conversation that takes place between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they are discussing their options is chilling. Knowing that they only have 2 hours left to live, and they just want to call their families and say goodbye, but the radio is dead. All they can do is continue their tasks within the mission.

My favorite part of this audio story was when they were discussing what their legacy would be on the moon and their purpose of the moon mission. They did not just want to leave their bodies and footprints. They wanted to make their mark, it really tells the story of men who know they will not make it home alive.

This deep introspective conversation really chills the listener into thinking about those last few moments of life. Making the story telling process so much more real.

The closing remarks completed the story perfectly. It was a leader trying to calm the citizens in a tragic situation, but in a way the inspires others to look at them as a symbol for the cause. That this journey still needs to take place regardless of the loss.