Guuuurlll you know we need new sounds!

So for my final assignment, I chose to do a 2 star to complete my 12 stars and upload a new sound onto I went a little overboard and uploaded 3 new sounds which I think will be needed, and are funny. I Made those specific sounds/phrases because those are Solenya’s (my character’s) favorite sayings. He is a very sassy wizard when he wants to be, and he doesn’t like to take anyone’s shit. So when Tade does something stupid a “get out of my face” is always in order. My sounds aren’t uploaded yet because they are still awaiting moderation, so the freesound people need to tell me if they’re good enough or not. I believe they will be because I didn’t plagiarize anything. So I will let you all know in the coming weeks if they were uploaded or not!