Reflecting on Digital History (Pandemic Edition) through Memes

I asked the students in HIST428–Adventures in Digital History to close out the semester with a meme reflecting on the semester in general or the class in particular. From Hunter D. From Dennis G.   Two from Eilise M. Digital History should be taken seriously meme The Farmer group was … Continue reading

Presenting the Adventures in Digital History 2020 Class Projects

[Cross-posted with the course site at ] In a normal year, yesterday would have been the day in the semester when the students in Digital History would present their projects to an audience at the History and American Studies Department Spring Symposium.  This is a tradition that began back … Continue reading

On Not Banning Laptops in the Classroom

This post has been percolating for a while as a series of op-ed pieces and studies announcing that handwriting is better for learning or that laptops or other devices are ineffective or that tech shouldn’t be used in the classroom continue to emerge.  I know I’ll get push back about this … Continue reading

A Plethora of Riches

So, let me start by noting that this kind of post is not typical.  People don’t generally write these kind of posts. And, frankly, there are good reasons for that. And yet, here I am writing it.  I’ll explain why shortly. But let’s start with the context.  I’ve been working … Continue reading

Week 12: Pre-Week Prompt

Personally I have had both good and not so good experiences with online anonymity. Good experiences include things like random “strangers” wishing me luck or giving me advice. Bad experiences include but are not limited to name calling, bullying, harassment, and even threats. everything always turned out fine in the end; however, when it comes […]

Week 13: Wrap Up

My digital project has changed in format and concept so many times since it first began. I am very excited to see the final product of the website. The website has tons of customized pages, graphics, and more. All of the time and effort that has gone into this project will all pay off when […]

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