Volunteer at a Non-Profit

For my non-profit volunteering, I chose to work under Operation Paws for Homes, or OPH. It is an agency that is responsible for fostering and getting homeless dogs adopted. The initial reason I decided to volunteer with OPH is because I found out they had virtual opportunities to volunteer as reference checkers. However, I ended […]

Jobs (ch.16-35)

After finishing off Jobs, I decided to link our reading this week to Steve Jobs and his personality. Steve Jobs was a known perfectionist. He rejected the an IPod prototype because in his opinion it was too heavy and he wanted it smaller. When the engineers told him there was no more room to make […]

Humphrey (ch. 9-14)

Chapter 9The key theme I noticed in this chapter is being able to use tools to help self-manage in order to be a great leader. The three behaviors that serve as a roadblock are inability to delay gratification, procrastination, and emotional self-absorption. I most relate to procrastination and emotional self-absorption. With procrastination, I tend to […]

Steve Jobs (ch. 1-16)

Reading this book has reminded me of one of the videos we watched in week one- Why by Simon Sinek. I found Walter Isaacson’s portrayal of Steve Jobs inspiring. To be honest, I am inspired by many of our top and famous CEO’s. They prove that it is not always how well you do in […]

Humphrey (ch. 8)

This chapter reminded me of how underestimated the roles leaders have. I had not even thought about how leaders regulate emotions of their subordinates. Thinking about it now, however, I can acknowledge how important it is. All of this reminds me of l when we learned about emotional intelligence and empathy. In order to regulate […]

Commitment: Good Times, Bad Times

The fun activities I do with my friends and coworkers are activities I rate as a level 7 activity. These kinds of activities are crucial when you are just forming relationships. However, once you have established a relationship, it is the second category of more serious activities that generate more commitment from me to them. […]

Leader-Member Relationships

When I did this exercise, It took me a while to come up with a group I am a part of. I have only been at my internship for a week, and there was not one day where everyone has all been at the office all on the same day. Other than that, I am […]

Humphrey (ch. 7)

I really enjoyed reading about Tony Hsieh’s story and how Zappo’s came to be. I can personally attest to how working with friends and people that you enjoy working with helps shape your experience in the work space. My first job out of high school was a server position at a small, family owned coffee […]

The Prince

I found this reading to be more difficult than the other reading assignments. I tried to think of what Machiavelli was talking about from a political standpoint and apply it to HRM, because HRM is my major and my internship this summer is in HRM at the Navy Yard. In chapter one, Machiavelli talks about […]

Humphrey (ch. 5)

I have always lived my life being nice to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Mainly because being nice is the right thing, but also because you never know who might be your next boss. It is kinda like the saying don’t post what you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see, in regards to social media. […]

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