DJ Week 8 – 15

This class became more stressful than I thought it would be, but I’m glad I took it. I have grown as a group member through this class and, out of all the classes I took this past semester, I think this one helped me the most for my future after college. Thanks Martha for a … Continue reading DJ Week 8 – 15

DJ Week 7

We are getting a lot of things done. Both Liz and I have figured out what we’re doing for social media, and we’re planning to create 10 posts together over Spring Break. Fele and Haley are starting to set up interviews for videos that will start getting posted BIWEEKLY after break. I’m really excited to … Continue reading DJ Week 7

DJ Week 6

There was no prompt so I guess I’ll update. This week has been better. We have now established a better plan of what we’re doing. Haley and Fele are doing something for video editing while Liz and I are starting to work on social media using Canva. The group dynamic is kind of weird because … Continue reading DJ Week 6

DJ Week 5

We started talking about our fears and anxieties for this project today. Honestly a lot of thing scare me. I don’t like the free reign we’ve been given to do this project, because it just means there’s a lot of things she may not like about our ideas. Honestly, I’m happy this is group work, … Continue reading DJ Week 5

DJ Week 4

Share how your group’s brainstorming process went in class on Tuesday. It honestly went really well. I was really concerned about how we would be able to do this project to the best of our abilities with the time we have left but, now, we have a better idea of what we want to do. … Continue reading DJ Week 4

Week 3 Readings

Conduct your own library and/or online search and locate and read at least one article that pertains to your client’s mission/focus/audience. Share your articles with the rest of your group and read each other’s. Submit the bibliographic info (author, title, publisher, date) or URL(if appropriate) in Canvas for this assignment.  (Adele Uphaus-Conner, Fairy Godmother Project … Continue reading Week 3 Readings

DJ Week 3

Tell us about your client interview. How did it go? What are you excited about? What do you think will be the biggest challenges.  I was really nervous for the interview, but Elizabeth honestly calmed my nerves. It went pretty well….Haley asked a lot of questions, and our client was able to answer them all. … Continue reading DJ Week 3

DJ Week 2

Think about a digital project you’ve worked on in the past and consider what were your goals and what were your tactics. Were these clear to you before you started the project? If so, how did this help you? If not, when and how did they become clear? To change it up from the last … Continue reading DJ Week 2

DJ Week 1

Second, write/create your first entry. Introduce yourself to the class (and the world) in whatever way you’re comfortable. Then do one of the following:  Tell us about a digital project from your past. What did you create and why? How did you tackle the project? What went well and what would you differently? –> A … Continue reading DJ Week 1

Final Portfolio

To complete this portfolio, I had to identify at least four of my past projects  that I’d like to improve somehow. Three of the projects I selected were my favorite projects (Poetry, Noetry, Clock, and NaNoGenMo) while the last one was the most challenging project that I met with Professor Whalen about.  (Glitch) Final Portfolio I have … Continue reading Final Portfolio


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