Attracting Diverse Sellers into the Sharing Economy

Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, VRBO are unique in that they are not focused on attracting customers, instead they are focused on attracting sellers. Without sellers (those who would share their homes or drive others around) the online sharing platforms collapse. The demand for the sharing economy is strong and seems to be growing. In order to keep pace with that demand it is imperative that the platforms attract diverse sellers into the sharing economy. Two of my independent study students, Katherine Greener and Sophia Somson recently explored that topic and presented their work at the American Marketing Association Winter Educators Conference in Austin, Texas. A copy of their poster can be found here. Attracting Diverse Sellers into the Sharing Economy – AMA Winter 2019

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DJ Week 6

There was no prompt so I guess I’ll update. This week has been better. We have now established a better plan of what we’re doing. Haley and Fele are doing something for video editing while Liz and I are starting to work on social media using Canva. The group dynamic is kind of weird because we haven’t found the time to actually hang out outside of class and get to know each other. So it kind of feels like work instead of TEAMwork. Hopefully things will change as we start executing our plans for the project.

DJ Week 5

We started talking about our fears and anxieties for this project today. Honestly a lot of thing scare me. I don’t like the free reign we’ve been given to do this project, because it just means there’s a lot of things she may not like about our ideas. Honestly, I’m happy this is group work, because it makes me more prone to come up with ideas and keep up with all of the work. I forget a lot, so this makes me more accountable for this project. Thankfully, we have a lot of time, so it’ll be fine. My group just needs to start actually coming together in our free time and talking about this project instead of only talking to each other during class and collaborating for homework.

DJ Week 4

Share how your group’s brainstorming process went in class on Tuesday.

It honestly went really well. I was really concerned about how we would be able to do this project to the best of our abilities with the time we have left but, now, we have a better idea of what we want to do. We’re splitting into pairs to better focus on the small aspects of what our client wants, which will help lead to a bigger picture in the end. I’m actually really excited to see what we come up with by Tuesday!