Final Project Idea

So, for my final project, I think I’m going to do a mix of video, audio, and pictures. I am going to make my character Solenya, the main character of the whole thing.

The video is going to start off with Solenya making a potion, kind of freaking out and getting very frustrated. It will take him some time, weeks, months,  a year passes before he perfects what he was trying to make.

The background of the potion Solenya is trying to make is that his nephew, Tade got lost in another dimension. He was studying potions in Solenya’s potion room while Solenya was reading up on the next form of hallucinogenics in the other room. Tade is always a good kid and doesn’t get into trouble often, so Solenya wasn’t worried about anything, but he still is a young 9 year old. The next thing Solenya knows there is a loud crash in the potion room and a giant swoosh of air that goes throughout the house. He jumps up and runs into the potion room and Tade was gone. He looked everywhere throughout the house, but Tade was nowhere to be found.

Solenya traveled to every dimension and planet he knew because he thought Tade might be somewhere that’s familiar to him, but he never found him. They had a funeral for him 6 months later even though they never found his body. And ever since then Solenya has been working on a worm hole and a potion to take right before stepping into it to take him for sure back in time to the day Tade disappeared.

Finally, a year later, Solenya perfects the potion, he hopes. He then chugs it, steps into the wormhole and darkness, and only darkness is seen for a minute. Then different universes pass by and different pictures of different things. A universe picture first, then a memory of tade, universe, Tade, universe, tade. While the pictures are rolling, an audio of Solenya plays telling how much he misses Tade, and if this doesn’t work then he will find a way to get him back or to find him no matter what. More pictures of universe, Tade, and a final universe picture, and when the final universe picture comes on Solenya screams Tade’s name in the unknown and is cut off before he can finish the name.

All is black for a moment and then it cuts to a close up of Solenyas face eyes closed and not breathing, and after a minute he opens his eyes, looks around, says Tade’s name kind of quietly, a little louder again, he gets upset when Tade doesn’t answer, but then he yells as loud as possible Tade’s name and in the background Tade calls out “Yeah Soly?!” and pure happiness is shown on Solenya’s face.

I will take all the videos and audios on my phone, download them onto google drive, so I can download them onto the HCC computers in the media lab. I’ll probably use IMovie since I know how to use that one the best. I’ll have background music using while showing the video of Solenya working and going to a funeral, and such. Ill find the pictures on google of the universe, and I’ll probably use my little brother for the pictures of Tade. I think my boyfriend is going to play the part of Solenya as well.

This may change a bit while I’m creating it because of props and character availability, but I’ll keep you posted.


This weeks mashups were ok, I didn’t like the remixes, but everything else was easy. I did three 4 stared assignments making 12 stars all together. The first assignment I did was the superhuman assignment. I took a picture of the Monroe building and I photoshopped superman flying above it. The second assignment I did was the Get some music video mash up which turned out really good and is definitely my favorite thing i’ve done in this class so far. The last assignment I did was of a person looking confused at an easy math problem. I don’t know why I did it, it just popped into my mind.

The tutorial I created was of how to do the person being confused, but of however the next person would want to make it. The first remix I made was an FU remix, I didn’t really like this one, but whatever. It was supposed to be for a parental advisory. The last remix I did was the MJ Zomboy remix. I really didn’t like this one, but I figured something out that didn’t sound like complete trash.

For my two daily creates this week:


Michael J Remix

For this remix assignment, I had to remix a Zomboy back once again song to a throwback, and I chose Michael jacksons- Smooth Criminal. I used Logic to mix the audios, and I used I went through a lot of songs that sounded really freaking bad with this zomboy song, and the michael jackson song sounded the least crappy. I then downloaded it to soundcloud.


FU Remix

For my first remix, it was of a parental advisory for a mash up of two different movie clips. I couldn’t download the clip I wanted, so I just made it an audio with a picture of a fuck-unicorn which was pretty fitting of what the audio has to say.

I downloaded both the audios off of I then put the audios one by one into IMovie and cut them down to the parts where I wanted. I then put in the picture and I made it go throughout the whole audio.



For this assignment/tutorial, I did it on the mashup, I’m ready for my close up for 4 and a half stars.

The first thing you have to do is to try and find a close up face, and after that you have to save it to the computer. Go onto photoshop and open that picture, make it a layer by double clicking the “background” picture on the right side bar. Next when you found your face, you need to find your background that’s opposite of what the face is saying or something that makes it funny. Once you find the background, you open that separately onto photoshop and do the same thing by making it a layer.

Use the eraser tool to erase the background of the person’s close up face and then drag the whole tab that has the person in it and make it a window of itself. Once its its own window, drag and drop the face onto the background you chose for it. Make it as big or as little as you would like it to be by selecting the face layer, going under the edit tab, and hitting the free transform button. After that you save the changes and save it onto the desktop.