Daily Create Story

LOL this story is gonna be not good hhahahaha

We’re toys! Kids love us and we just want to play! We look scary, but we promise that we’re just as loving as any other toy! Give us a chance please!

HAHAHA just kidding all we wanna do is scare you!

But really we can only do so much since it’s just a costume. We look scary, but our hearts are full of love!


Then and Now

For this assignment for 2 stars completing my 10 stars, I’ll be talking about my then and now assignments I’ve been doing in this class. When I first started this class, I really didn’t know anything about movie remixing or audio remixing or editing. I’ve definitely grown since the first week. I had a digital class my freshman year that worked a little bit with the same stuff I’m working with now, but I’ve definitely forgotten about it all in the last 3 years. I think my best project i’ve done so far is my Solenya in Limbo! haha not too crazy, but I really liked it because I really learned how to do the photoshop stuff.