Is this getting harder??

For this week, I definitely procrastinated fooor suuure. I did all my assignments all at once on THURSDAY which is so stupid because I didn’t know how to do literally anything audio wise. The daily creates are always the easiest for me because that’s on my phone and it takes only a few minutes. I don’t need to download anything or think too hard. So I do definitely enjoy doing them more than the rest.

The daily creates I did this week is as follows!

I watched the videos, and listened to the SoundCloud audio and made a blog post about that. The assignments were definitely a doozy. The first one I made was the ice cream truck story. I made that one cause I love ice cream, and as a kid, I ran as fast as I could to get to that truck before it left. The second assignment I made was about JFK. I found a speech from and just kept clipping until something was weird enough to make sense. The next assignment was the tongue twister. I really enjoyed that one. I didn’t know and haven’t even heard of this one, so that was cool to learn something random like that. The last assignment I did was I created new sounds for That was really easy and cool. I hope I get to use my own stuff soon too!

The radio show ideas were kinda random, but I think they’re ok? The live tweet was fun! I enjoyed listening to The War of the Worlds!

I did download audacity, but I absolutely hated it, so I used Logic for all my assignments I needed to edit any audio. I don’t know why I didn’t like it so much, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. The people at the IT desk in the HCC told me about Logic, so when I started it only took me a few minutes to figure out what the heck I was doing. A few minutes is WAY better than a few hours to me!

The radio bumper I created wasn’t anything specific for the show, I just introduced it and told the listeners to have a good time.

Live tweeting

So, listening to the DS106 radio…I don’t know what I think about it hahaha. The music is definitely Christian based and I’m not a religious person, so it’s not really my cup of tea. It wasn’t hard to listen to though. The music had good messages and was mostly upbeat and happy, so that was nice. The dude who was talking was cool, very random or it seemed to be random. I tuned in a tad bit early before the 8:30 time for the live tweet-along, so I got to listen to a lot of the music. The war of the Worlds is really interesting actually! I live-tweeted about half of it, then I wanted to just listen to the rest. Here are my tweets:



Lets get bumpin!

The radio bumper I created was after I listened to the station for a few hours. I couldn’t really get a theme, but I was vague in my welcome. Also, is this a Christian station?

The radio show is cool, and the guy doing it seems pretty nice. It’s very random, and I really wonder if he has a script, or if it’s all just random stuff off the top of his head. This was also on one of the audio assignments for four stars.

Possible ideas for the radio show

I honestly have noooo idea what to do for a radio show. I have never been interested in doing one, but I guess this is a way to really step out of my comfort zone. When I think of radio shows I think of gossip, and when I think of this course’s theme I think of Harry Potter. So, maybe we could do a theme talking about that. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the students actually had a radio show that Ron listened to while they were on the run. It kept them up to date on the news of the ministry, and about who’s been recently killed by the death eaters. That’s one idea.

Another idea could just be each person of our group could tell their favorite story related to their theme, and also tell their background story of the character they’ve created and where are they now type of thing.

Guuuurlll you know we need new sounds!

So for my final assignment, I chose to do a 2 star to complete my 12 stars and upload a new sound onto I went a little overboard and uploaded 3 new sounds which I think will be needed, and are funny. I Made those specific sounds/phrases because those are Solenya’s (my character’s) favorite sayings. He is a very sassy wizard when he wants to be, and he doesn’t like to take anyone’s shit. So when Tade does something stupid a “get out of my face” is always in order. My sounds aren’t uploaded yet because they are still awaiting moderation, so the freesound people need to tell me if they’re good enough or not. I believe they will be because I didn’t plagiarize anything. So I will let you all know in the coming weeks if they were uploaded or not!