First Post: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2017-2018 Season 10/31/17

5 bold predictions for the Washington Wizards 17-18 NBA season.

  1. Marcin Gortat will play a bigger role the Washington Wizard’s roster: The Wizards’ most under-utilized player of the 2016-17 season was probably Marcin Gortat. Gortat still managed to average a double-double (10.8 points and 10.4 rebounds per game) but in 2017-18 he’ll need to do more, particularly in the paint. I believe that this season the Wizard’s will take advantage of his size and his rebounding ability, if he starts to play more physical in the paint and focus more on grabbing rebounds, I think he will play a bigger role in the offensive scheme than he did in the past seasons.
  2. Otto Poter will average 20 points a game: The Washington Wizards signed shooting guard Bradley Beal to a wealthy extension in summer of 2016 to the tune of five years and $128 million. After signing his deal, Beal went on to have an even more productive season in 2016-17. He went from averaging 17.4 points per game to 23.1 points per game.This past offseason, it was Otto Porter’s turn to reap the rewards of his play. Porter signed a four-year deal worth $106.5 million as the Wizards’ third scoring option. Porter averaged 10.0 field goal attempts in 2016-17 after putting up 9.6 attempts in 2015-16. I Expect Porter to take that shot total to 13-15 shot attempts per game and get to at least 20 points per game. His confidence should be rising entering 2017-18 and should pay dividends in the box score for the Wizards.
  3. Bradley Beal averages at least 6 assists per game: The Washington Wizards were short on ball distributors last season. John Wall led the team in assists with 10.7 per contest. In fact, the Wizards ranked in sixth as a team last season in assists per game (23.9). However, without Wall on the floor, the team became an odd group. It wasn’t until they acquired Brandon Jennings late in the season that they truly got another ball distributor. Even then, Jennings only played 23 regular season games with the team, averaging 4.7 assists in the regular season. Beal was the volume shooter while Wall took care of the distributing. However, that all needs to change in 2017-18 and it starts with Beal averaging at least six assists per game.
  4. John Wall and Bradley Beal will both be selected as all stars this season:The Washington Wizards have a strong backcourt with Bradley Beal and John Wall, that’s been no secret. However, Beal was snubbed last year when it came to the All-Star game, something that won’t happen in 2017-18. The Wizards had one of the best starting fives in the NBA last season. This season, they need to use everybody to their advantage even more. Gortat will get more touches as will Morris and Porter and as a result, they’ll need to convert their touches into more points. Great players make other players better. Beal played a stellar 2016-17 season and surprised many, but now he’ll need to bring his teammates along for the ride, much like Wall has. Wall attempted a team-high 18.4 shots per game and Beal was behind him with 17.2 attempts. Getting two or three of those shots to other teammates takes them a long way in both getting All-Star selections.



Artist Blog: Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist was born and raised in Switerzland. She’s a digital artist that focuses on work such as video, film, and moving imagines. Through her work, she demonstrates the feminist movement and the empowerment of women and their bodies.

Image result for Pipilotti Rist

A still from one of her most famous works, “I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much.” (1986)

Related image

A still from her work, “Open My Glade,” which was broad casted throughout Times Square in NYC in 2000.

Image result for Pipilotti Rist

A picture of her exhibit in The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas called “Pixel Forest.”

I truly think Rist’s artwork is extremely inspiring. While some of it tends to be on the “creepy” and “unsettling” side, I love the underlying theme of feminism and the empowerment of women. I also think it’s super cool that she’s featured all over the world, including having one of her pieces played throughout Times Square in NYC. I featured the first two pieces of art on my blog because they are some of my favorites, and they are her most famous pieces. I added the final one because when going through her work on her website, this was the most eye catching piece. I think the colors and the whole idea is really pretty and fascinating. I makes me want to walk through it and experience it first hand, rather than just looking at pictures of it. While a lot of Rist’s work leans toward making the viewer uneasy, I really appreciate what she creates and I liked most of her work!

Weekly Summary- Week #9

How is it already week 9?!?!

Anyway! To start this week we finally got to hear all of the radio shows we have all been working on over these past few weeks! I loved the live tweet along, and even Professor Bond and I trying to use google hangout to chat afterwards! Along with the live tweet along I also wrote a review of one of the awesome ds106 radio shows we had!

Review of Radio Show!

Also we had to complete 6 stars from the assignment bank this week! I chose two assignments, create your own room which was 4 1/2 stars and Google Draw something which was worth 1 1/2 stars! Both of these were super easy and also fun which was a nice break from the intense effort and slight stress from creating our radio show!

Create Your Own Room

Google Draw Something

Then I also completed the three daily creates that somehow connected into a story! This was so cool because when I was completing a daily create instead of doing something super random I had to think of a way to tie it into my previous one.

First one: Sticky Note Motivation for a Stranger

Second one: Drawing small

Third one: life look like 100 years from now!

They all connected because they are kind of my plan for the future! Stay motivated, graduate, and then live life in the future with all the advanced technology that I see coming!

Then I completed the Photo Through Different Lens Web assignment. I was so excited to complete this because I actually created this assignment! So since I created this assignment I decided to go with my original idea and example provided of shoes through different lens! I was super happy with how this turned out! I hope anyone else who completed this assignment found it as fun and challenging as I did.

Photo Through Different Lenses

Lastly, I completed the web storytelling assignment. Once again I was intimidated by the idea of this assignment, how am I suppose to alter a website already created? I was so confused, but this class always pushes me out of my comfort zone and I did it!

Web storytelling Using Amazon!

And as always a few comments from me!

Web Storytelling Via Amazon

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad

Dream vacation

Dream vacation


Finding Meaning Within Myself

All my life, I believed that the purpose of life is to be happy and in order to do that, I needed to find myself and be happy with that person. But who really knows what the purpose of life is? In my public speaking class, we were asked to look up ted talk speeches […]