Weekly Summer- #5

This week was a tough one! Audio editing is so much harder than I had anticipated! I definitely procrastinated a lot this week just because I was so overwhelmed with the audio editing aspect!  To start the week as always I have my daily creates!

Daily Creates- Week 5

Then I downloaded Audacity and slowly started messing around and figuring out how to work with it. I even got my friend Kelsey who is a ds106 alumni to help me out with the program! But I am definitely a fan of garage band for audio editing as well!

Next for this week I listened to the audio story Moon Graffiti . This was super helpful to listen to a real example of audio storytelling and how important sounds and music can be to portraying a story.

Moon Graffiti

After I completed that assignment and blog post I tackled the Radio Show Idea assignment. I really liked this assignment because it acted like a sketch pad to lay out some ideas that we could all think about with out having to complete the assignment immediately. Also, I really liked the idea I came up with, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Brainstorm Radio Show

Next I started to feel more comfortable with audio editing I started to pick out some audio assignments from the assignment bank! I first picked Make your own mixtape, but I went a head and incorporated my character for this one! It was really fun to think of songs he would listen to, and I learned how to create a Soundcloud playlist!!!

Little Brain’s Bad*** Mixtape

Next assignment bank project I completed was to read a motivational quote out loud! I LOVED this project, one because it was relatively easy compared to many of the other ones for this week, and two because I love quotes!

Motivational Quote

Then I completed the one assigned to everyone the Sound Effects Story audio assignment.

Sound Effect Story


Next I completed a radio bumper for ds106 radio! This was such a creative challenge for me, and to be honest I had a lot of help with what I finally decided to say in my bumper. But overall I am very happy with the end result!

Super Radio Bumper

Now on to probably my favorite task of this week, creating a introduction soundtrack for my character Little Brain! This was hilarious and so much fun to create! For a little diversity in voices I had my roommate read the introduction while I recorded and played background music! The hardest part of this assignment was decided what was the quickest cleanest way to explain his powers/development of his powers without it getting to wordy. I am so happy with the end results.

Little Brain’s SuperSidekick Soundtrack

Then ds106 radio listen along/live tweet! I listened in Thursday night 8:30-9:30.



Lastly as always some of my comments!!

Silence is the loudest sound.

My Radio Bumper

Some Ideas for a Radio Show…

Remake that Genre!


Sound Effect Story

This audio assignment was so interesting. Telling a story without words takes a lot of creativity! To complete this project I used the recommend freesound.org website to find some sound effects for my story. I then downloaded them all to my iTunes account. One I completed that I uploaded all my sound effects to garage band. I used garage band because I have had previous experience with it opposed to Audacity, which I looked at, but found it more difficult to use. Then once I inputted all of my sound effects into garage band I trimmed them to fit under the 90 second story limit! Here is my final sound effect story…Guess what my story is, and look and see if you are right at the bottom of my post!!

My story is that a little boy opened a magical door. The door opened to an enchanted forest full of birds chirping and magical creatures living happily. Then the Prince rode his horse in to meet the lost boy and make sure he was safe. Then a fairy flew out to meet them and cast a spell of protection over them because a horrific storm cast by the evil witch was coming straight for them. The fairy waved her wand and protected the whole enchanted forest from the thunder strikes of the witch. The story continues…

DS106 Radio Tweetalong

This was quite an experience! I tuned into the Thursday night 8:30-9:30 radio show. It was a Batman dramatic audio story. I have never “live tweeted” anything nor have I ever listened to a radio story or audiobook or anything like this. It was such a cool new experience. I had to picture all of the scenes, sets, and characters in my head purely based on sound effects, music, and character voices. It was a little stressful live tweeting though. I was typing about one thing and then I was nervous I was missing other subtle things in the radio show. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing other people’s tweets as I was tweeting. It was so cool to see we had noticed the same things, and made similar interpretations based on a little sound. Just shows how important sounds can be in a story! I am super happy to have been a part of something like this! Thanks ds106 radio, it was an awesome new experience!

Motivational Quote

For my next audio assignment was worth 2 and 1/2 stars. The assignment was called Based On 1-Quote-A-Day Project. I chose this project because I am a huge fan of motivational quotes, they inspire me on the days when I need a little extra motivation. To complete this assignment I picked one of my favorite motivational quotes from my personal journal, recorded it on Soundcloud, and embedded it on my blog! This quote also applies heavily to my life! When I get bored, exhausted, or overwhelmed I had to learn how to give myself a rest and get back to work instead of giving up.


Super Radio Bumper

This week we were assigned to create a radio bumper. Although I hate these because they are the sign that the music has stopped for a while and I have to listen to ads it was pretty funny and fun to come up with my own idea for one! For this assignment I recorded myself with some super background music that I downloaded from iTunes to my computer. One I recored myself using the iPhone voice memos app I uploaded my file to Soundcloud and made sure to allow downloads! Enjoy my radio bumper!