After All This Time… Always (Final)

My gif finally fit on my page! This is amazing.

My project for sure did not turn out as amazing as I’d like it to be, but I’m proud of my artwork and the effort I put into it. If I could go back and change something, it’d be my ability to use final cut pro instead of using a youtube video to play while my gif is playing.

This started out with just a thought- I wanted to create the ENTIRE scene that goes along with Snape’s  “always”. That was about 1:17 seconds in length, and I initially tried to do that. Because I thought that I would be able to have the time to create the 1:17 long piece that I wanted. However, while I was trying to create this I realized that I REALLY cannot draw people. I tried to draw where Harry is a baby in this scene, and draw where Lilly is dead on her bedroom floor in this scene. I honestly cannot draw that well so I decided to scrap that part of my project. After thinking of the idea for at least two hours (creative process) and trying to execute it, it’d already been 5 hours.

(horrid, old drawings)

(personal scanner i used to create this mess)

After I decided I had to go in a new creative direction, I decided to draw just from “expectopatronum” to “always”. I tried to take it in a creative direction and spell out the font and the patronus (doe) to dance across the screen. After drawing and scanning all of the different pieces I needed for my final project, it’d been a whopping 9 hours. I was disappointed in myself for scrapping my old project but knew that I had to go this direction otherwise my art would look laughable.

Finally, I scanned everything in my personal scanner and cut them all to be the correct size. I imported into photoshop and designed it to be in sync with the youtube clip of the Harry Potter movie. This made my time up to 11 hours, and the last hour I spent finalizing the time and the way that the gif would be played. Also, trying to download the gif and make it onto my blog! (Which I finally did!)

Thank you for a wonderful semester!