The Creativity Module

In my Intro to Digital Studies class, we got to pick creativity modules, and I chose to work with GIFs. I picked GIFs because they are something I have always seen growing up using the Internet. In my early Internet days, I even experienced creating very basic GIFs when I was really into blogging on Tumblr. Since I am so familiar with them, I thought it would be cool learn more about them. Throughout this module, I worked with my other teammates and learned things like the history of the GIF, how the word GIF is really pronounced, its origin and creator, and I even learned that there is more than one type of GIF. Another thing this module allowed me to do was create my own GIF, which was a lot easier than I originally thought it would be. Rather than me using photoshop and creating a GIF frame by frame, I found a very useful website called GIPHY that allows you to create a GIF in a matter of minutes. All I had to do was choose a video from YouTube, but the site also allows you to choose person videos or photos and upload them. I think doing this module was a great experience, and I had a good time working with other classmates on it, as well as learning more about the GIF.

Rashaad Newsome

Rasahaad Newsome was born in New Orleans in 1979, but now lives in New York where he is inspired to create his art. In 2001, the artist got his BFA in Art History at Tulane University. Newsome is a fairly new artist compared to the other artists we’ve looked at so far, with his first solo gallery being held in Connecticut in 2011. Newsome conveys his art through “collages, installations, performances, videos and songs” (, and seems to be influenced by art that he finds in culture; pop-culture, African American culture, and hip-hop culture. Looking through google images of Rashaad Newsomes art, the thing that I keep seeing is portraits of different complex patterns. I see bright, colorful repeated symbols and shapes in elegant looking picture frames. I found a very interesting quote that described Newsomes work as “richly detailed compositions form a kind of Rosetta stone for the hip-hop culture” ( I think that he takes well known symbols or images from pop-culture that people recognize, makes a pattern out of them, and adds an elegant flare with different layers bordering his work of art (such as gold portrait frame). My reaction to Newsomes work is something mixed of admiration and curiosity; I don’t entirely understand what message he is trying to get across in his multi-patterned pieces of art, but I find them beautiful and interesting none the less. I also think that his work is extremely unique, from what I’ve seen of his work, I don’t feel like I see a lot of work like this, it’s not that common in my opinion. Also, I especially like the colors that he uses, most of the picture frames are gold or silver with a contrast of a bright color such as pink in the middle of the artwork.


“#1 Stone of Vigilance“, 2013

I chose this work of art specifically because I really loved the colorful picture frame. I like how some flowers are blue and the main portion of the art is blue, I think it really makes the art look put together.

Herald“, 2011.

This is a video within a picture frame. I chose this work of art as one that I was interested in because I love the contrast between the black and white video with the very fancy golden picture frame.

Saints and Centers 2“, 2014.

I chose this last image because I really enjoyed the use of popular images in this collage. I like how most of the objects in this work of art are supposed to be expensive or glamorous, with the pair of lips at the bottom of it.

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