When a positive country of origin is a bad thing

cheap-vs-expensive-wineCars from Germany, Wine from Paris, hockey players from Canada, we have positive expectations of certain products from particular countries.  However, what happens when those expectations are violated?  For example, do we expect France to produce discount wines?  Not really but the do, they actually produce all kinds of wines.  However, when those expectations are violated we may draw negative inferences about the product.  Negative as in, it’s a fake!  I conducted a couple of studies over the past few years to find out what happens when people encounter low cost goods from countries that they think very positively about.  The results show a positive country of origin can be a bad t hing..

Week 6: Design

This week we explored the concept of design in digital storytelling. I really enjoyed it, a lot more than other weeks so far. I downloaded Affinity Designer, and got the hang of how to work the program pretty easily.

I started this week out with my daily creates, linked here : http://sarasciulla.com/dailycreate/daily-creates-week-6/

I liked the design daily creates the most, especially the one that asked what the meaning of life was. I agree with John Lennon’s quote, and really enjoy the Beatles, so I decided to use that as my Daily Create.

Next, I created the #OER poster, here:


I took a really long time (probably three hours) choosing the background, font, and learning about the conference OER is holding to make an educated statement in the poster, “promoting a culture of openness”. It probably shouldn’t have taken me that long to create, but I really enjoyed the process! Making this poster helped realize how much I love graphic design.

I tweeted my poster to OER, and it got about 12 retweets! I was so proud.

Next, I created one story, four icons, worth 3 stars:


I did this with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as that’s my favorite movie out of my favorite series.

I then created my Minimalist Movie Poster, here, worth 3 1/2 stars:


This was especially fun because I used a very complicated movie, Mr. Nobody, to use as the minimalist poster. Although it was hard to choose just one concept to use to represent the entire movie, I thought intertwining arrows was the best option. This is because the movie is all about choice, which Nemo (the main character) believes rules his life.

The last design post I did, was Recover A Classic, was worth 4 1/2 stars:


I really enjoyed creating a new cover for the classic, The Catcher In The Rye. This is one of my favorite novels, and I enjoyed being able to put my own twist on the cover.

The next thing I did was the Design Blitz, which I really enjoyed! Linked here:


I read and reviewed The Vignelli Cannon, which I found profoundly helpful towards the design community, linked here:



Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon

As I read over Vignelli’s design resource book, a lot of it was informative and helpful when it comes to graphic design. One thing that I noticed was that these concepts, such as: texture, color, and ambiguity had a relation to photography. I had already learned these concepts in a previous photography class I had taken, and thought it was interesting how it relates to design.

I thought that pragmatics, discipline, semantics and syntactics were all vital to the design process. Having this insightful information being available to the public was very helpful and eye opening for the design industry.

The visual power, timelessness, ambiguity, intellectual intelligence, and responsibility were all extremely important in the presentation process of design. This shows the important elements of what needs to be included when trying to present a design. If you are able to achieve these, you’ll have a success.

Lastly, my overall opinion of this booklet was that I’m left impressed and sure that the design world was thankful and helped dramatically by the creation of this book before internet. Without this booklet, the design world would be surely worse off.

Design Blitz

This photo is a representation of Minimalism. This photo represents minimalism because it is the only silver/object on my entire fridge, which is white. I believe this represents minimalism well.


This next photo is a representation of a metaphor. This is a metaphor because, the bread on our cat, Charlie’s head, combined with a cat creates “bread in cat”, which is a metaphor for “inbred cat”. Funny right! I thought it was funny and cute and represented metaphor well so we decided to put some bread on her face. She wasn’t too happy about it, but at least she looks cute :)


This next photo represents Color. I thought it represents color well because of how much bright, and deep the colors are. The blues and greens of the bath water are passionate and the bright white of the bath bomb is shining. Both are beautiful representations of color.


This photo represents Unity. I found this arrangement of furniture in my house, and thought it represented unity exceptionally well. The curtains, windows, shades, and chairs are all in unity within one another.



Recover A Classic: Catcher In The Rye


For this assignment, it was to recreate a cover for a classic book. I chose one of my favorite books, The Catcher in the Rye.

I was really excited to create a cover for this, because the book really means a lot to me on an emotional level and I wanted to be able to create a cover for the novel that I personally feel represents the concepts and theme of the book.

I chose to use a picture of a teenage boy, smoking a cigarette (as Holden did as well, throughout most of the novel). I also wanted to include the amber fields of rye, as Holden mentions throughout the novel.

Going through this process, I felt I was creating something that really represented what I thought the book was trying to tell audiences. I believe I did a good job of this :)