Internet Celebrity and how they achieved their status


The internet celebrity I have chose is Deshawn Raw. He lives in California and makes videos on YouTube. Him and his crew that make his videos along with him call themselves “Hoopla gang”. He started off making a name for himself by doing stand up comedy and posting his “Supa hot fire rap battles” on YouTube. These were made when I was in middle school but in a year he reached over 1 million views and his views are still rising. After his rap battle videos were made he became an internet celebrity. He made a clothing brand called “hoopla” when he first started making videos so that all of his friends could wear in his videos. That started off local to the Californians who supported him but after his popularity rose it was sold into stores all over the U.S.. To this day he still makes hilarious videos to his loyal subscribers on YouTube.



Final Project!!!!!!

I did my project on exposure: a photo narrative website!!!

I really enjoyed using it because it was easy to navigate and gave a lot of ways to incorporate my project.