What Is This Giant DOING?!?!?!

Spiders. Spiders people, I’m afraid of spiders. I don’t know where this irrational came from, but this assignment is going to make me tell the story as if it was the victim! I do try and get my fear under control by looking at cute spider memes, but that literally never works. It’s cute for a second and then when I actually think of a spider being near me I just freak out all over again.

….Still didn’t work. Whatever, here’s the story.

OH I’m home alone! This is always my favorite part of the day when the person finally leaves. Where she goes for so long? I don’t know, but I also don’t really care. *spider walking through apartment all day long and chillin on every surface he feels like climbing on* Well it’s getting late, but I’m not really ready to go back to my house under the sink yet. I know! I kind of want a spa day! I’m going to lay in the usually damp area next to the big white thing that dumps out water onto the person every night! Oh yeah, that’s a great idea!

*Spider falls asleep in spa place*

*Light turns on in bathroom* Oh look my person is home! Oh well, I usually go back home now, but we’ve been living together for a while now, so it’s just as much my space as it is hers.

*Person walks into bathroom and starts getting ready for her shower after a long day at school and work* Oh wow she really must be in her own world because she hasn’t even introduced herself to me.

*Human sees spider and screams* AHH why is she being so loud and crazy?! I’ve never seen her this way!  Oh my gosh! Shes coming close to me, maybe she’s going to introduce herself and shake my hands or something?

WHAT! Why is she grabbing the tall thing that holds a roll of soft paper? WHY?! She’s trying to hit me with it! How rude and crazy she is! I’m going to go back home.

Yo, she trapped me behind her big towel and I’m kind of scared now. She’s just standing there staring at me shaking…she’s been like this for at least thirty minutes now. I’m going to just try to move one arm and see if she notices. *Moves one arm a slight bit*

OUCH she just hit me with the big metal thing again! AHHhhh……….


I kind of felt bad for the spider when I wrote this, but then I kept remembering it was as a wolf spider as big as my palm! HECK NO!