Week 5: Conclusion

Whew…. What a week.

Luckily, we live here in the US of A and don’t have to be as careful about what we say. Unlike China. Their censorship absolutely baffled me. I grew up with pretty strict parents (sorry Mom and Dad if you’re reading this) so I know what it feels like to be oppressed, however, what they put up with daily is insane. After watching Grass-Mud horse, I was slightly confused but very proud in a way. They found away to express themselves without violating what laws the government had put in place.

And onto a different topic….

I plan on recording a podcast for my final digital project. I plan to interview students on their opinions of them and understand more about those in different fandoms.



Week 4: Conclusion

To end week 4…

I have chosen the research topic of fandoms (especially Harry Potter) and how their online presence affects others. I want to explore how fandoms began and how they have evolved over the years, and finally, how they now interact online. This interests me since I am a Potterhead and I want to research what online identity other Potterheads have. It may be difficult to find sources to research my topic, but I don’t think it will be impossible.

Speaking of possibilities, I wanted to once again drive the point of gender equality both in reality and online. Twee-Q was an eye opening resource because I never thought of the relational aspect of retweeting between males and females. Its interesting to see the difference in who retweets who and what things are getting retweeted.