My Social Media Will

Should I meet an untimely end, I wish that all my social media accounts be turned over to my family, specifically my mother. I wish that my instagram stay up but will no longer be running. I would like that to be somewhat of a memorial for others who miss me to look at, however; after 2 months after my death, I wish for that to be taken down and no longer active. I wish for my twitter to be immediately shut down and the account deleted. As for Facebook, I wish for my mother to have control of that but only to keep loved ones, and others who wish, informed of upcoming services in remembrance of me. After services are over my Facebook account should be turned into a remembrance wall meaning that others may post and share memories or pictures of me in solidarity. After 6 months after my passing I wish for that to be taken down by my mother.

Pulling the Plug on Online Profiles

There are millions of online profiles that belong to various social media sites, that most use everyday, if not every hour. As a society, we are constantly plugged in to our accounts almost every second of the day. We have some how learned how to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites into our common activities. But what happens when we aren’t alive anymore? What happens to those accounts that have been so active for so long? Should they still exist?

As humans, we like to preserve each memory we have in every way possible. This includes taking pictures, tweeting about our days, and updating our Facebook status. It’s in our human nature to want to preserve our days and years and those that we love. This means that when it comes to our social media accounts, it’s in our human nature to want to preserve the memory of a lost loved one. It should be allowed, if not already, to leave the social media account/profile of someone who is deceased online. The harm of leaving up a profile would be less than that of one that is taken down. Profiles and accounts on the internet do not take up any space as the internet is technically considered to be infinite, meaning if the profile is allowed to stay online, it would do better by creating an online memorial. As previously mentioned, social media accounts are easily accessible and are commonly accessed throughout the day. By allowing for an online memorial, this would help the healing process of those whose loved one was lost and also to contact their followers about any upcoming remembrance services. Social media accounts and profiles should be left online as a remembrance of some type.