Is Twitter and Facebook Making Traditional Advertising Obsolete?

It is possible that Twitter and Facebook advertisements are making traditional advertisements obsolete. Traditional advertisements would mean that of television ads, or even those in a magazine. Facebook and Twitter have done an outstanding job customizing their advertisements to the specific audience and demographic. All this depends on a single individual’s account on either social media platform. Facebook, specifically, tailors each advertisement to something a certain user would have interest in. However, Twitter does appear to make a broader approach in their advertisements, meaning it is not limited to a specific demographic such as Facebook does as Twitter’s audience is typically that of younger generations.

This revolutionary style of advertisement is most likely the cause for sharp decline in usage of traditional advertisements. This is because, not only is Facebook and Twitter accessible at all times but, users are starting to read magazines less, as all the same info can be accessed online, and watch television less, as that can be accessed in shorter, more concise way, such as YouTube. As a society, we have access to information without having to deal with ads, this being reflected through other media such as Spotify and Pandora. Ads are specifically translated to a specific audience that specifically addresses their location and local events. Twitter and Facebook have transformed the way the advertisement world operates.