Photo Through Different Lenses

This was so cool!!! I am a little bias because I actually created this assignment! The basic idea of this assignment is to take a normal object (for example shoes), but make it creatively different in each picture!

To complete this assignment I took 10 pictures of shoes in the most creative and interesting ways I could think about! To create extra variety I even edited some of them a little extra! Then once I completed taking the pictures I edited a few of them with Picsart app and also collaged them using this app! I highly recommend it! Then I tweeted out my results for all to see!

Here are all my images individually so you can really see how I used the simple object differently in each! And also my end result and tweet!

Hands for Feet!!
3D Cartoon feet!
Eagles need sneakers too!


SHOE PHONE! Call me I am on the run!
Shoes unite!
Rain boots, Shoes, or room decorations?
Princess Leia shoe version.
Shoe protection!
Chairs need to get places too, right?

And my overall final product and tweet!

Super cool to see my idea come to life!