Create Your Own Room

Next assignment bank project I did for this week was Create your own room! This assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars! I chose this assignment becauseI absolutely love room decor and planning for my future home one day!

To complete this assignment I went to my pinterest account and created a new board labeled “Dream Room”. Once I had the board created I started using the search function to look for the types of things I hope to have in my master bedroom one day!

For the reason behind the choices I made! As you can tell I love white/cream/light colors for my bedroom! I love these colors for my bedroom because it is so calming and cozy. I also love the shabby chic type of furniture style. Another thing I have always wanted in my bedroom was a window seat. It is just the perfect little nook to read, write, and have a cup of tea on. Lastly for the bedroom I love wall decor! Especially in big collages because it is like a photo album, but life size! I have those wall collages in my room now and I hope to continue to use those signs and picture frames to bring life into my bedroom!

I also included a few images of the bathroom and closet because boy do I have big expectations for those areas in my dream home! I would LOVE a free standing bath tub in my master bathroom one day. Also my dream closet is goals! I would love love love a walk in closet with a ton of built in shelfs. I love organization and I think those big built in shelfs would be amazing!

Hopefully one day I can have a big fancy home with a master bedroom that looks something like this!