The Life of a Superhero

First visual assignment I worked on this week was The Life of a Superhero assignment. I really love the idea that superhero’s seem to live such a glamorous life of saving people all day, but in reality they have to do normal things too!!! For this assignment I decided to make an image of Batman playing catch with a puppy, because who does not love puppies.

First step I did was look for an image of batman that would work for the idea of throwing a ball, which ended up not being successful. None of the images worked well for cropping onto another image. I started with this image of Batman, which did not work because his lack of legs.

So then I moved onto a picture of Batman with legs! So for my final image I used this picture to crop on top of the image of the dog playing fetch!

But to get his entire body into the photo app editor Pasteify I had to scale the size down slightly and really used this version of the image. I love using Pasteify because it is really simple and easy to use which is awesome since I have relatively low computer skills. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an app that allows them to crop and paste images together.

Then I added in the back drop for this image, which is of a cute little puppy playing fetch in the yard.

Then for the final image of Batman playing catch with his pup!

This was a relatively easy assignment to complete once I figured out the creative side and decided what I everyday activity I was going to have Batman doing. I now picture every superhero playing with their very own loyal sidekick pup!