Old School Photo

For my first activity from the ds106 assignment bank I picked from the Visual Assignments section. I chose The Civil War Photo assignment, The Civil War Photo. For this activity I first tried to get creative with my attire. Unfortunately, I do not have any Civil War era costumes at my fingertips, so I made do with what I had. This consisted of a denim button down top, a navy bath towel, and my roommates cowgirl boots. Somehow this combination made sense in my head, let me know what you think about the final product? Then for the staging of the photo I posed as if I had no clue where the camera was, and with a very stoic facial expression. For the editing process of this assignment I simply applied a black and white filter from my iPhone onto the image. Then just to adjust it slightly from the plain black and white option I raised the level of the black and white to higher on the shadow/dark side of the spectrum. The end result, a hilarious modern day remake of a Civil War era woman.