Room as Messy as My Life

I chose to do the room assignment which is 3 stars. I took pictures of my room before I cleaned it, but I was in a cleaning mood this morning, so I straightened everything up for new pictures. I usually have trash and dirty clothes all over my floor and night stand. That night stand is still a mess, and it will never not be, so I didn’t even try to make it pretty. I live in a town house with one roommate, and I was too poor/ lazy to buy an actual mattress, so I’m sleeping on an air mattress. Honestly it’s not that bad! I put down a bunch of blankets to make it a bit softer, and I’m in it! I’m not planning on staying for more than a couple more months at this place, so I’m still kind of living out of my bags and suitcase in the closet, but it’s easy. I think that’s why i’m such a mess though. I don’t have a lot of space, so I can’t really do too much decorating, but I don’t like to decorate my room anyways since I don’t stay in one place for too long. The stuff on my bed is all my work things, I was getting ready for later. I do love my space. It’s small, but cozy. I light candles to make it smell nice and sometimes the dogs come in and hang out with me when they feel like it.


Solenya’s Mystical Bag

I chose to do what’s in your bag assignment. Solenya is definitely a character, and you’ll really find out what type of person he is from this collage of what’s in his bag. I used google docs to create my collage and then I used the snipping tool to take a screen shot of what I created in order so save it.

I liked the bag, and it seemed very hippie, a bit bummy, and free looking. The bag has no bottom, so when he needs to hide something big or another person they just hop in and disappear. Solenya always carries it around, and in it he always has these main items. He has mushrooms because he likes his psychedelics. He has adderall because there is never enough time in a day to do everything he wants to do, so when he needs it, he pops one of them in order to stay awake for his adventures. Tarot cards are always on hand as something he likes to do as a hobby of new people he meets. His wand of course, and a “Teaching Skills for Dummies” because he mentors his nephew Tade.


This is my first assignment that is going to be my Five Frame Story. I thought of this as my story because it describes me so well and how much I love to eat…especially sweets. It came to my head just looking through the pictures on my phone, and I thought WOW I do actually have a story in here!

Honestly, this is literally how I am. I get hangry, then I’m offered food or I get some myself, I’m ecstatic that I actually have said food, I eat it, and then I’m on the top of the world!

It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Little Brain!

The next visual assignment I worked on this week was worth four stars and was called It’s a bird it’s a plane. I thought this was such an interesting assignment because there are so many photos of famous myths. It is crazy how one blurry picture can keep a myth alive. This project I decided to take a photo of something that might just be the famous sidekick Little Brain. For this assignment I had my friend Tyler get all dressed up in a costume that is similar to little brain’s lab coat which was really just my Hollister button down shirt. Then I had Tyler put on my roommates eye glasses to match Little Brain’s glasses. Lastly since Tyler is 6’4 I had him kneel for the picture so he would be closer to Little Brain’s height (which is 5’6). Then to make it a blurry myth like shot I had him peeking out of a door way down an unlit hallway. To make the image blurry I decided to first record a video of him doing the motion of poking his head out, then screen-shotted an image from there so it was extra un clear. My final image of the famous Little Brain being caught on camera for the first time ever!

Peaceful Places

The next visual assignment I did this week was worth 3 stars and is called Places of Peace.

I loved this assignment because it really made me think of the places that were important to me and what pictures could represent them. For this assignment I simply went through and picked 5 places that make me feel comfortable and peaceful and chose images to represent them. First Image I chose was my home in the general sense of Long Island. The comfort you get from knowing your neighbors and knowing exactly where you are going in a town or city because you have lived there your whole life. Then I chose my favorite little hide away site at home called Pirates Cove. It is a little shore right on the water with huge sand dunes that make for an awesome sunset spot. Another peaceful place I chose from home is a nature park with tons of interactive sites. This place is beautiful way to disconnect from our very connected world. It is full of paths, plants, sunflower fields, and my favorite part which is picture is a wooden sign that explains a large sphere in the middle of a section that represents a mailbox for those no longer on Earth so you can still write to your loved ones. Another peaceful spot for me is the basketball court. Basketball has always been a way for me to relive stress and just have fun with my friends. Lastly, my peaceful spot in Fredericksburg is at home with my four best friends and roommates in our backyard. I can always count on them and our cute little grill to relax me after a long hard day of school. I am so thankful for these spots.