Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon

As I read over Vignelli’s design resource book, a lot of it was informative and helpful when it comes to graphic design. One thing that I noticed was that these concepts, such as: texture, color, and ambiguity had a relation to photography. I had already learned these concepts in a previous photography class I had taken, and thought it was interesting how it relates to design.

I thought that pragmatics, discipline, semantics and syntactics were all vital to the design process. Having this insightful information being available to the public was very helpful and eye opening for the design industry.

The visual power, timelessness, ambiguity, intellectual intelligence, and responsibility were all extremely important in the presentation process of design. This shows the important elements of what needs to be included when trying to present a design. If you are able to achieve these, you’ll have a success.

Lastly, my overall opinion of this booklet was that I’m left impressed and sure that the design world was thankful and helped dramatically by the creation of this book before internet. Without this booklet, the design world would be surely worse off.