Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin

For one of my video bank assignments this week I completed the Text + Diagram  -> Movie assignment worth 5 stars. I decided to make this the assignment that I incorporated my character into since its an easier way for me to explain and layout my character’s origin story using text and diagrams rather than just talking for a whole video or audio recording.

To complete this assignment I first watched some previously made ones to see what I liked, didn’t like, and to get some idea of how to create this. Then I started creating the beginning introduction and basic story line text slides because that was simple I already had my origin story created. I chose to use the star wars like title slides because I think they are effective when using a lot of text on one slide without looking sloppy. Then I went back in and added sounds from freesounds.org, audio songs from freemusicarchive.org, and images from google to help move the story forward. Lastly I created a diagram/timeline to recap the story I told. This I created by hand because it was the most effective way to create and incorporate this into my movie. Lastly I uploaded it to youtube!

Below is my final product hope you enjoyed!!!