30 Seconds with Solenya

For this assignment, I created a 30 second documentary of Solenya in his day. I had my friend curtis play him after class ended. First he is looking over his minerals and potion materials, next he’s making sure that the potion he’s about to drink has all the right levels of the ingredients he needs, and finally he injects the water with the potion and transports to a foreign land….right outside jepson. We had a lot of fun with this and we definitely laughed!

I created the movie with the camera on my IPhone, and then I used IMovie again to edit it all together. I used the beginning start up over the actual video again because it’s still my favorite, and the ending credits are just me and curtis. For the audio, I used mp3juices.cc, and I used the song of an hour of spooky music and magical music. I used the music about 34 minutes into the hour long song though.

I then uploaded it onto youtube: