30 Seconds with Solenya

For this assignment, I created a 30 second documentary of Solenya in his day. I had my friend curtis play him after class ended. First he is looking over his minerals and potion materials, next he’s making sure that the potion he’s about to drink has all the right levels of the ingredients he needs, and finally he injects the water with the potion and transports to a foreign land….right outside jepson. We had a lot of fun with this and we definitely laughed!

I created the movie with the camera on my IPhone, and then I used IMovie again to edit it all together. I used the beginning start up over the actual video again because it’s still my favorite, and the ending credits are just me and curtis. For the audio, I used mp3juices.cc, and I used the song of an hour of spooky music and magical music. I used the music about 34 minutes into the hour long song though.

I then uploaded it onto youtube:


No Talking

For this assignment, for 4 and 1/2 stars, I created a story with no dialogue. I thought of it when I was getting out of bed and I was like I really don’t wanna leave to go to class, so I thought, hell, this is going to be my story. I filmed all the way from waking up, to walking to class, while I was in class, when I left class, and I couldn’t film myself back in my bed cause I had to make this, so I pretended the couch in jepson was my destination. When I really thought about it, the couch was the same thing cause i’ve slept on the jepson couch plenty of times.

I filmed with my iPhone again, and used IMovie to edit it all together. Also, I downloaded the song of of mp3juices.cc and put it all the way through the clip. I picked Be Together by Major Lazer because all I wanted to do was be together with my bed!!

I then uploaded the final product to youtube:


Cooking Show!

So for this assignment 3 1/2 stars, I thought to create a cooking show, and feature Solenya’s favorite dish…..mashed potatoes!!!! I thought of this because My boyfriend Eric and I were going to make dinner, and I thought “What would Solenya want to eat tonight?” and then BAM! Mashed potatoes! Who doesn’t like mashed potatoes?! Solenya sure does!

I used my IPhone to take the video in my friend’s kitchen that we were hanging out in, and then I edited it on IMovie. To download the videos, I uploaded the videos to google drive then I downloaded them onto the apple computer in the HCC.

The title I put in as right on the start of us talking because I don’t like the random black screen saying what it is and then going to the video, so I made it how I liked. The ending credits are the scrolling credits I saw on IMovie. I didn’t add any audio to the video because its all us talking and I didn’t want to take away from our words. I did add an audio to the credits though. I downloaded the song “Watching Cartoons Up In My Room” off of mpsjuices.cc.

I then uploaded it to youtube:


Apocalypse Questions

For this assignment for 4 stars, I answered 5 apocalypse questions. I uploaded the video on youtube through my phone and it was that easy. The hardest part was writing down the questions from the video that I needed to answer.