Steve Jobs (ch. 1-16)

Reading this book has reminded me of one of the videos we watched in week one- Why by Simon Sinek. I found Walter Isaacson’s portrayal of Steve Jobs inspiring. To be honest, I am inspired by many of our top and famous CEO’s. They prove that it is not always how well you do in school that determines your success in life. There are so many other factors- most importantly, leadership skills. Leadership skills is such a broad topic. There are many features that combine together to form a great leader. These can include determination, emotional intelligence, and many more. Steve Jobs was one of those people that showed you don’t even need to excel in every single category, either.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones, who do.

Steve Jobs

DJ Week 8 – 15

This class became more stressful than I thought it would be, but I’m glad I took it. I have grown as a group member through this class and, out of all the classes I took this past semester, I think this one helped me the most for my future after college. Thanks Martha for a great year, and good luck wherever you go. See you at graduation!

DJ Week 7

We are getting a lot of things done. Both Liz and I have figured out what we’re doing for social media, and we’re planning to create 10 posts together over Spring Break. Fele and Haley are starting to set up interviews for videos that will start getting posted BIWEEKLY after break. I’m really excited to see what we all accomplish over break. Also…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTHA! YOU ARE A GOLDEN GIRL!

DJ Week 6

There was no prompt so I guess I’ll update. This week has been better. We have now established a better plan of what we’re doing. Haley and Fele are doing something for video editing while Liz and I are starting to work on social media using Canva. The group dynamic is kind of weird because we haven’t found the time to actually hang out outside of class and get to know each other. So it kind of feels like work instead of TEAMwork. Hopefully things will change as we start executing our plans for the project.

DJ Week 5

We started talking about our fears and anxieties for this project today. Honestly a lot of thing scare me. I don’t like the free reign we’ve been given to do this project, because it just means there’s a lot of things she may not like about our ideas. Honestly, I’m happy this is group work, because it makes me more prone to come up with ideas and keep up with all of the work. I forget a lot, so this makes me more accountable for this project. Thankfully, we have a lot of time, so it’ll be fine. My group just needs to start actually coming together in our free time and talking about this project instead of only talking to each other during class and collaborating for homework.