Harry Potter

I chose “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” for my story because it relates to the folklore theme with wizardry and dragons. There is some foreshadowing in this story such as when Harry had a dream about the graveyard, and when Moody acted weird at the beginning dinner scene drinking the poly juice potion in the corner.

Another storytelling technique was the whole story started in the depressing scale, and never really got happy, except in a few parts.

I liked the depth and complexity of the world design, like the spells, hogwarts, hogmead. I liked the way it seems so natural to have wizards and dragons in the real world. Everything pretty much worked in this story. All the questions raised from the beginning were answered in the end. The story developed character and setting, by having three other books before to develop the setting, but the characters were different in this specific story. There were characters from different schools that were brought to Hogwarts for the Tri Wizard Tournament immediately went to their “houses” such as Ravenclaw and slytherin.