So wow, definitely some work that’s put into this. I didn’t know how much little things were so important…commercials, bumpers, and so much to talk about! So my group is pretty much done with the radio show now. We all worked together and had it in before Thursday so it could all be put together in time for friday and sound as nice as possible. Twitter definitely doesn’t like sending me notifications on when my group is talking though, so I was a little behind on getting in my final radio segment. But everyone did really well and it all sounds really good so far. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Radio Show Progress #2

Distress Signal radio show is progressing wonderfully!

There was a slight delay in progress because of everyone being home for fall break, but as soon as we returned we got right back on track!

Today Ashleigh, Alaina, and I all met to really lay out and write a complete script for our radio show! It was so cool and fun to meet with them in person for the first time and have all of our ideas finally coming together into a real radio show! We basically spent an entire hour brainstorming and nailing out what our show will look like. We first went through our google doc and organized our ideas into one clear cut outline of what will be included into our show. Then we started to get into more specific details about when and what specifically we would be saying! I do not want to give you all too many details because we have a lot of surprises up our sleeves for our radio show!

As for recording we are meeting tomorrow evening to complete the final radio show! I am so excited to hear our final product because there are so many creative and fun ideas that we collaborated together to create!

Radio Show Week 2 Progress

This week was extremely rough while I was trying to get started on doing my part of putting my group’s radio show together.

Last week for spring break, I left early and went down to Florida where my mother was staying for break since she is very, very sick and wanted to go spend one last winter in Florida so that she could experience it. I spent most of that time helping her with medical issues, not working on homework much, and arrived back at Mary Washington the Monday we returned from break and my mother returned back to Northern Virginia.

Thursday morning, I left UMW to go back to Northern Virginia, because on top of being ill my mom had managed to now fall down the stairs and break her wrist, ankle, and get a concussion all on Wednesday night. While there is no one home to help my mother walk to and from the bathroom and tend to her needs during the day, I had to come home to help my mother.

Because of all this, I’ve had very little time to work from my classes during these past few weeks. I don’t like to use excuses to put off my work, but I had to focus on my family rather than my school work for a while.

The previous week during spring break, I planned out what commercial, segment, and radio bumper I would be doing for our World Wide Western News Radio Show. My group (Kristopher, Liam and Julianna) and I all decided to do Western themed news segments, so I began to plan my news segment. I planned on using a stereotypical southern-bell type lady named Annabelle (very western name haha) to be a reporter whose arrived in the wild west of Arizona to interview my Western character I developed named Jacali, whose an Indian Maiden and part of the Western Apache Tribe. I planned for Annabelle to interview Jacali about the Apache life and culture, while being somewhat ignorant to the Native American culture in her script.

For my radio bumper, it was simple enough, I planned to use a type of Western music for the intro and outro and announce the DS106 radio.

Lastly, I planned to use my Western character, Jacali, again in my commercial. Jacali would be promoting a new farmers market from her Western Apache people which would be open to the settlers. I planned to use some soothing music over the course of Jacali’s vocals.

I started working on my segments in the beginning of week 8, but was doing very little each day due to helping my mother out, until I hurriedly finished my work Thursday night and Friday evening.

For the actual news segment, I used some broadcasting introduction music I found on, and faded it out until Annabelle began to introduce her segment. I meant for her to be a little racist, but ignorant, as if she didn’t know how incorrectly pronouncing words like “native american” or “Jacali” would be somewhat offensive towards the Apache. I made Annabelle have a thick, southern/western accent, and had Jacali talk more sophisticated (I had Jacali learn english almost fluently from an Englishman named John Smith, who she has secret feelings for but doesn’t admit this to Annabelle). Although most of Annabelle’s questions were ignorant and a little too blunt, and that it was obvious Annabelle knew nothing about Jacali’s culture; I made sure Jacali answered her questions with grace and class. In the end when Annabelle rudely asked Jacali how her people felt about the settlers building on “all this open land”, and asked Jacali, “don’t you just love how our society is progressing?”, I had Jacali cooly respond with the fact that her people respect and take care of the land, but want to coexist with the settlers as well. Annabelle then signs off and ignores responding to Jacali’s comments, with broadcasting music fading out.

The news segment took all in all about an hour and a half to plan and write the script, about half an hour to translate some regular English to old Western phrases and sayings, about an hour to record and re-record until I perfected both Jacali and Annabelle’s voices, and about another hour to edit the sound of the voice recordings and music together. The commercial was about 6 minutes long and I used Audacity to mix the segment together.

The radio bumper was pretty simple for me, I used some banjo music I found on as an intro to the recording of me saying “Hi there folks, you’re listening to DS106 radio. Hold your horses, we’ll be back in just a few moments”. This took me about five minutes to find the perfect selections of words to use for my bumper. I faded the banjo music in while I spoke so that you could clearly hear my voice but still hear the banjo in the background, and then turned the volume back up on the banjo for the outro when I was done speaking.

The radio bumper took about half an hour for me, I had to find the perfect soothing music for DS106 radio and wanted to make sure my voice recording was perfect and could be heard over the banjo music. The bumper was about 20 seconds long and I used Audacity.

Lastly, I used some pan flute music for the commercial I made. I played this at a normal tone before my character Jacali started talking. I then lowered the music volume so you could hear Jacali’s voice and the soothing flute in the background, then turned up the volume for the flute outro once Jacali was done speaking. The entire script was Jacali politely informing people about the Native American farmers market, telling them about all the produce they’ll have to offer (which I did research on to see what traditional Western Apache Indians ate), and lastly, ending the commercial with a Native American quote I found online, “When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us”. I felt I should add this quote at the end of the commercial because I wanted Jacali to promote respect and peace, as I think her character represents both of these qualities.

The script took me about half an hour to write, and about half an hour to record and edit the flute music into the segment. The real struggle was finding the right relaxing flute music that sounded both peaceful and Native American to use in this commercial. The commercial was about 30 seconds long and I found the music on . 

I turned these into our group’s Google document, and as a group we decided that Kristopher would put together all the segments of our radio show together, which was really kind and generous of him. The process of using Audacity went really well after I learned how to use the system, because prior to this week I was unfamiliar with Audacity and it was confusing and frustrating. This week, I watched a couple of tutorials on how to use Audacity and that really helped me understand how to work the program. I really enjoyed working with all of my group members and found this project to be fun and challenging. This summarizes my radio show progress and process for week 8.