Poster! Poster! Read All About It!

I created a poster for my radio show with a dragon lying on a book. This relates to the theme of myth and legend because we are story tellers, and i’m pretty sure full blown fire breathing dragons are either a myth or a legend cause I haven’t seen one for myself yet. I created the poster by searching on google “dragons coming out of books” and I found this picture close to the top and then I put into adobe photoshop and put some text over it and arched the words “Super Storytellers”. I then saved it as a JPEG so wordpress could put it into my post.

Distress Signal Design Project

In preparation for next week when we all “launch” our radio shows we need to get the word out! To accomplish this I created a promo poster for Distress Signal Radio! To create this poster I googled bat signal images, since our theme is based on the bat signal! I looked for an image that I liked, was good quality, could be a good poster size, and thought would be easily edited. I found this image…

Then I uploaded this picture to snapchat whereI overlayed a comic style POW bubble over the bat symbol. Then I added text into the signal light with the name of our radio show. And finally I added a little blurb about the content of our radio show! I am extremely happy with the final product!

Then I also created a promotional sticker for our radio show! This was also quite a simple process! I googled batman symbol, because a sticker needed to be a smaller sleeker image than a poster would be. Once I picked an image I simply overlaid text onto the image. I used D.S. Radio as my text because our group specifically liked that Distress Signal Radio also was the same initials as ds106! So this incorporated both! Here is our promo sticker.

I hope you guys are as excited about these ds106 radio shows as I am!