Instagram Famous

After doing these researches, I decided that it would be better for me to keep my main topic on Instagram fame but instead, discuss about how far are people are going to go to get some attention on the social media.

I recently came across a video made by a young man, Ethan Zane, from Hawaii talking about his friend’s actions. Jay Alvarez, Zane’s friend, is a well known 20 year old instagramer for traveling around the world with his 18 year old girlfriend, Alexis Ren. The two met at a photoshoot according to a post Jay posted on his Tumblr account back in February. Ever since then, the two has been inseparable and embarked in different adventures around the world for months. The two became a relationship icon to young girls, calling them their “goals” and idolizing them online. Before they met, Renn had already been quite known on the social media as she had a very successful career in modeling. She had a great amount of followers and Jay had a lot less before they met. According to the video made by Zane, there has been some pretty shady actions behind the relationship of the two but that isn’t the most important point. In the video, he explains Jay’s motives on wanting to gain more and more attention by manipulating Alexis. He also explains how he’s been using other people to get what he wants. I will go more in depth on this article in my project but it fits in my project because it shows Alvarrez’s strong greed for Instagram fame to the point where he was whiling to manipulate his partner just to make a little bit of money.

In the Article, “How Instagram Almost Ruined My Life”, a young lady talks about her own views on what the app is all about. The main purpose is to take a picture and share it with our followers but she goes more in depth of how people act to get more people to see these pictures. “Online validation creates real feeling.” The New York Times writes, “Maybe instead of feeling and seeing and exploring the world, we want others to tell us we’re doing a good job at it.” She continues in her own words. This is important because whether we agree with or not, it’s the truth. Also, we constantly compete against each other because of our own insecurities but truthfully, we all have those and that’s where we feel the need to be superior because no one wants to be left behind. This fits in my project because it talks about the real issues of Instagram and how it changes people. How people seek for validation to feel secure in their own skin, to make them believe that their insecurities are just in their mind.

Nowadays, there are apps and websites that lets you buy Instagram likes and followers. I know it’s crazy, you give them money to make you feel loved. There are cheaper ways to do so well such as, using tags, posting quality pictures and a long list of things we may find online, on websites and articles. In the article, “The science of Instagram: How to Get More Followers and Likes”, lists all the different kinds of way one can be famous on Instagram.


Orion Carloto, a magazine columnist and young youtuber, is someone that I truly admire and look up to and the reasons are simple. I rarely ever go twitter anymore but from time to time, I scroll down my feed and her tweets always catches my attention. She is one of those people that posts positive reminders everyday and constantly makes sure that her followers are doing well. Despite the fact that she has over 200,000 followers on twitter, she still personally asks people how their day are going and encourages them to overcome their fear or something very important they must achieve. I know a lot of people admire her for her positive attitude towards everything and I aspire to have that trait. Upon looking at her Twee-Q results, it was no surprise to me when she had a Twee-Q equivalent of Einstein’s IQ meaning she retweets 50% tweets from men and 50% tweets from women. Now, this might not be considered as a very serious thing but knowing Carloto, she believes in the true equality of men and women and always gives her opinion on this specific issue, trying to bring awareness to the problem. I think more people should do the same because we live in a world where we are told that everyone is equal but each genders don’t get the same benefits from the same thing and that’s where we are fooled.

18 Through the Years

In today’s generation, turning eighteen is one of the most significant moments in a teenager’s life. Not only one can vote but more often than not, most teens go off to college which is a very well-known as a huge transition from living under their parents’ roof to being on their own in order to get degree in their desired major. Now, this process seem very common in today’s day but has it always been that way?

In the year 1705, digital technology was not even an existing word so how did people try to capture and remember their most cherished memories? Today, the process is very easy since all one has to do is take a phone out and snap a picture. People from that era were more sophisticated despite the fact that the way they did it was very time consuming. Parmigianino, an Italian painter from an earlier era, painted self-portraits on convex mirror to represent himself. (Rettberg 1) Since there was no trace of digital technology by then, most people would draw or paint a self-portrait to represent themselves. If I were 18 in this era, I would most likely be working in a factory kind of firm with machines rather than having animals do the work. I would also play the piano about two years after that since it was created in 1709 by Bartolomeo Cristofori and I will be able to print flyers for piano lessons and post them around town for a little bit of money. (Bellis 1) Because self-representation is very important, I would ask for someone to paint a picture of me to hang on my wall or I would write diary entries. (Rettberg 1)

In 1805, Thomas Jefferson was elected as president for his second term. In this period of time, having slaves were very common among landowner white men. Thomas Jefferson,  who opposed the slavery of Africans, inherited slaves from his father and father-in-law and only free a few of them. (“Thomas Jefferson, A Brief Biography.”)  Gabriel Prosser, an enslaved blacksmith, protested into freeing all slaves in Richmond, Virginia but things did not turn out well for him and the “rebels” and it was believed that they were hanged. (“History of Slavery in America.”) Protesting was one form of expressing one’s feelings on something. It might not have been as common considering the consequences were life-treathening but it was the beginning of people realizing what was wrong and fighting for what they believed in. If I were 18 in this time period, I would most likely be supportive of Prosser’s protest but I will be a little hesitant in participating due to the consequences.

Fast forward to 1905, things change pretty fast over the centuries and making calls from home to home was very rare but doable. 8% of US homes had telephones and those who wish to make calls would have to ask them. A phone call from Denver to New York costs eleven dollars per three minutes. (“Facts From 100 Years Ago.”) When it comes to health care, 90% of the doctors did not have a college degree and thus, simply save a patient from their own resources and knowledge. The life expectancy was 47 years old. (“Facts From 100 Years Ago.”) If I were 18 and living in this era, I might work in a small business earning an average wage of twenty two cents per hour. (“Facts From 100 Years Ago.”) Despite the lack of degree among doctors, I would not complain about the healthcare I would get because at the time, it was probably the best quality one can get. I would be able to call my mother every other weekend to reminisce and make business calls.

By year 2005, people were more aware of the existence of the Internet and its many wonders after it was created in the late 1900s. Among those wonder came MySpace which is a social networking website that allows individuals to share photos, music and meet new people on. Bands interacting with their fans and promoting their music on the website was also very common as they sponsored the website as well. (Roeder 1) An earlier social networking website, Friendster, was created in 2002 and paired up with MySpace shortly after it was launched and immensely helped its growth very quickly and for Friendster to slowly die down. (Ellison 1) If I were 18 in this time period, I would most likely have a MySpace and share my photos and music on there. I would try to interact with my favorite from then which were Coldplay and Destiny’s Child.

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