Bye Bye Tade, Bye Bye You ALL!

For my final project, I created a multi dimensional movie. I used pictures, a voice audio, a video, and songs. I got all my music from mp3juices, and the explosion from freesounds. I really enjoyed making this. It didn’t go exactly how I planned it at first because I planned on making it in my apartment for one, but I shot the videos today in jepson since I never left that building. I also wanted my boyfriend to play Solenya, but I didn’t think he was going to¬† make up the monologue for Solenya the way I wanted., so I just did it myself. INDEPENDENT WOMAN! I thought it turned out pretty decently though. I made the movie all with IMovie in jepson, and I downloaded all the universe pictures and atom and molecule pictures from google. I just took a few of the pictures I had of my little brother from my phone to use in it as well. Everything I got off of my phone, I downloaded it through google drive first and then imported it into IMovie. I found that to be the easiest way a few projects ago. The last thing I did was upload the video onto youtube.

No, my little brother doesn’t know he died in my video, but he was reluctant on making the “yeah suly?!” audio. I made him say that the day after Thanksgiving when I was about to drive back to my apartment, so it was late and he’s 13, so you know how that is ahhaha. Everything else was a piece of cake since I’ve been doing this all semester now.

This class was a challenge for me this year with how much work went into it, but I definitely know way more about the computer than I would’ve before, so thats cool.

Also, my hair is growing out right now, so it’s always a freaking mess!