Orion Carloto, a magazine columnist and young youtuber, is someone that I truly admire and look up to and the reasons are simple. I rarely ever go twitter anymore but from time to time, I scroll down my feed and her tweets always catches my attention. She is one of those people that posts positive reminders everyday and constantly makes sure that her followers are doing well. Despite the fact that she has over 200,000 followers on twitter, she still personally asks people how their day are going and encourages them to overcome their fear or something very important they must achieve. I know a lot of people admire her for her positive attitude towards everything and I aspire to have that trait. Upon looking at her Twee-Q results, it was no surprise to me when she had a Twee-Q equivalent of Einstein’s IQ meaning she retweets 50% tweets from men and 50% tweets from women. Now, this might not be considered as a very serious thing but knowing Carloto, she believes in the true equality of men and women and always gives her opinion on this specific issue, trying to bring awareness to the problem. I think more people should do the same because we live in a world where we are told that everyone is equal but each genders don’t get the same benefits from the same thing and that’s where we are fooled.